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NATP Executive Director, Elda Garcia, partcipated in two key sessions at the recent National Conference on Measurement in Education (NCME). Both discussions were collaborative efforts to invite a genuine reimagination of assesments and assessments system toward meaningful and impactful change. NATP would like to thank our expert panelists for their powerful insights and ideas and committment to keeping our discussion moving foward. You can get involved by engaging in related local discussions and seizing opportunities to collaborate on a state and national level. The responsibility is all of ours!

Considerations for continued discussion include:

  • Online testing and computer adaptive testing.
  • Progress monitoring systems.
  • Intentional review of curriculum and its implementation.
  • Revisit the purpose of assessments and the use of its data.
  • Diverse committees charged with test equity and fairness.
  • The voices of all stakeholders including parents and students are critical.
  • Collaboration across disciplines is essential.
  • Collaboration across vendors (even competitors) could help advance efforts.

We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, face unpleasant truths, own past failures and be willing to engage in the difficult discussions that will results in better systems and improved policies.

From left to right:
– Chloe Torres, Vice President, Product Management, State Solutions at NWEA
– Christina Laster, National Director of Policy and Legislation, National Parents Union
– Jeanette Chien, Deputy Superintendent, San Diego County Office of Education
– Stephen Sireci, Professor in the Psychometrics, Program and Director, Center for Educational Assessment, University of Massachusetts
– Vince Verges, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Florida Department of Education
– Elda Garcia, Executive Director, National Association of Testing Professionals

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