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COVID-19 has resulted in many challenges in the education industry across the nation.  The nation was not prepared for a crisis of this magnitude and they certainly did not have time to consult with individuals on the front line for input. Although, a unique circumstance, the lack of frontline input is not unusual.  The COVID-19 crisis is a prime example of how a national network is much needed in the educational space, particularly as it relates to assessment.  This national crisis has resulted in significant variability across states, resulting in inconsistencies and varied student experiences/benefits.  An existing network would have helped expedite and inform higher-level decision making that affects us all.   

Access to inter and intra state information and resources that NATP offers ultimately helps improve educational systems across the nation.  The day is new, but the rest is not.  Jobs are huge, responsibilities are many, support is needed, and now is the time!

NATP’s partnership structure includes testing vendors and Department of Education Assessment Divisions to help promote the spirt of collaboration and process improvement.  Through committed partnerships we can create opportunities for test coordinator input. As a result of direct and frontline input, testing coordinators and those who provide their guidance will ensure policies and expectations are clear, well received, and result in optimal testing experience for students. 

Let’s connect to discuss the establishment of systems that will provide the support and relief that are much needed on all sides, particularly in these unprecedented times. 

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