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As states across the nation work to embrace innovations that resuls in learning recovery and increased opportunities for students, many are faced with critics and opposition. NATP continues to monitor these trends for opportunities to raise awareness and seize opportunities to learn. See highlight below of opposition for charter schools in Texas:

  • Teachers union, American Federation of Teachers criticized funding from Netflix and Walmart leaders for supporting charters.
  • Conflicts comes as Omar Yanar, a charter school operator, runs for the Democratic primary to represent the El Paso area on the state board.
  • Because of campaign money received from the Charter Schools Now PAC was through in-kind donations, some believe Yanar will pave the way for massive charter-chain expansion.
  • Charter schools are public campuses that operate independent of a traditional district.
  • Yanar states he aims to make sure that every student in his home of El Paso, and across Texas, can get a great public education.
  • The teacher group also criticized Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and a member of Walmart’s Walton family for large donations to pro-charter PACs.
  • Charter Schools Now stated the PAC strongly supports Yanar because of his experience with El Paso Leadership Academy and his experience and qualifications to fairly evaluate proposals for new charter schools.
  • Texas first authorized public charter schools in 1995. Through 2020, 338 open-enrollment charters have been awarded, and there are now about 750 charter school campuses statewide. Many are clustered in the state’s largest cities, along with the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Some education groups, such as Texas AFT, worry charters are not held accountable and take money from the broader public school system.


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