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NATP has been monitoring the pandemic’s impact on teacher shortages with the expectation that those shortages will also negative impact our fast-approaching test cycles. Spring testing is peak testing season for most states nationwide and for many, that means all hands on deck.  Test coordinators often draw from any available staff in order to ensure that all specific student accommodations are met. Accommodations often include small/individual test administrations and oral test administrations, all which require additional staff. Staff that may not be available come test time if these shortages persist. This is an impact being felt across the entire educational system.

Here is the latest from a recent NBC news report:

  • As Omicron cases surge nationwide, U.S. schools are feeling the impact with teachers calling out sick and not enough substitutes to fill in.
  • Pre-existing teacher shortages are now amplified.
  • Teachers’ job is more difficult today than is realized; they are exhausted.
  • Superintendents are also extremely stressed by controversial and pandemic related decisions such as school re-openings.
  • Superintendents and central office staff are pitching in by teaching classrooms where there are shortages.
  • Community volunteers are also filling in as substitutes.
  • This trend is likely to continue until we achieve high levels of vaccinations.
  • The teacher shortage is expected to negatively impact students’ experiences because:
    • They are being instructed by a transient teacher
    • They are unable to develop teacher relationships
    • No consistency
    • Normal seat in their classroom
  • Teachers want
    • Safety protections
    • More personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • More masks
    • More worker support

Watch news report HERE

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