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After a challenging start to 2021-2022 superintendents are sharing their lessons learned. Lessons our testing professionals can apply as we prepare for upcoming testing.

Reflecting on pandemic response

  • Strong leadership and communication have been critical.
  • Districts are expanding their reach:
    • creating cabinets made up of school and district leaders to look at every single problem and work to find solutions on how to get there.
    • creating social media accounts to improve communication efforts.
    • refine and create very good processes moving forward.
    • plan for now and for the future.
  • With unique problems come unique solutions.
  • We’re better than we thought we were.
  • We switched to remote learning in one day with technology ready, teachers came in and do PD, all without having to have a long, drawn-out plan.
  • Everybody came together and worked to make it happen.

Lessons Learned

  • Leadership beyond the superintendency matters.
  • Teachers are the most impactful to student success at the school level.
  • Principals are the most impactful overall.
  • (Clear) Communication is huge. If parents don’t feel communicated with, you issues arise.
  • Being very transparent with parents has been a huge lesson learned.
  • Being proactive, not overextending resources and remaining focused on families has made a big difference.
  • Work smarter, not harder:
    • utilizing existing resources
    • reallocating staff to meet individualized needs of students
    • creating more learning opportunities for parents and students – parents need to be as well-educated as our students are so they can support their kids at home.
  • Virtual is not for everybody.
    • Remote learning did not work for everyone, but allowed for students to experience some learning.
    • When we came back this year, we really doubled down on learning loss.

Biggest Lessons Learned

  • Students need to be in school where they can get all the support districts offer.
  • Focus on social and emotional learning for our kids.
  • We need to collectively do everything we can to keep students face to face.
  • Have time to let our teachers collaborate.

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