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As the debate around virtual learning continues, NATP urges testing coordinators to keep up to date with their local re-opening decision and start planning for testing. State and districts who continue to offer virtual learning will also have to consider if and how those students will be assessed.

Highlights have been captured below:

The following states will not offer virtual learning or be limited:

  • New York City announced there will be no virtual learning option this fall.
  • New Jersey’s governor said there would be no virtual learning option for families in the state barring a local COVID outbreak.
  • Illinois education officials are putting tight restrictions on remote learning, and will only permit it in cases when students can’t yet get vaccinated and are under quarantine.
  • Several large districts in Florida are eliminating the remote learning options they offered this year and are directing students who want to stay virtual to programs that use the state’s online curriculum.

The following will allow a virtual option next year:

  • The school districts serving Los AngelesLas Vegas, Miami, and Houston have all said they intend to continue offering a fully virtual option this fall to those who need it.
  • A Virginia district is only planning to offer a virtual option for the fall semester.

The decisions make clear that next school year will look very different across the country.

  • Some parents remain concerned and await a vaccine.
  • Others welcome reopening and the return to socialization.
  • Latest national data showed that around six in 10 Asian students and just under half of Hispanic and Black students were still learning fully virtually as of March.

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