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Former Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, has hit the ground running as the new superintendent for the Los Angels Schools Districts. His extensive 100-day plan outlines his priorities for the district, which address a number of challenges worsened by the pandemic, including declining enrollment and changes to the district’s mask mandates. Here are some highlights:


  • Aim to more closely align resources in a differentiated way, in a disproportionate way, with the highest level needs students in the school system.
  • There are ways to negotiate incentives, not through mandated directives, but incentives to bring the most effective, experienced teachers.
  • Start with what’s in the best interest of students, then bring collective bargaining entities together to discuss and address.

Declining Enrollment Explained

  1. Significant population shift, some moving out of the greater L.A. Unified area due to economic unaffordability to live in Los Angeles. No need to consolidate schools yet to deal with this issue.
  2. No current or imminent threat to employment to our workforce as a result of this FTE loss.
  3. We have at least two years of financial stability enabled by federal funding.

A Glimpse into the Future

  • Cautious about predicting what tomorrow will bring, particularly when we’re talking about the fall.
    • We need to maintain nimbleness – the ability of our district to pivot quickly.
    • What are the best indicators, the best thresholds and the best data for us to follow?

Use of Funds

  • In additiont to community schools, hopes to leverage other entities that want a seat at the table to coordinate and collaborate and strategize in a more coherent way across the entire district.
  • Understand who’s ready, willing and available to actually step up and join, then, figure out the strategy on how best to deploy these support systems like community schools into areas that need it the most rather than layering resource on top of resource in areas where the need is not really there.
  • Over the next two years, funding and skill sets limitations will not be challenges, the will to actually get it done will!

School Choice Considerations

  • Seeking an explosion of offerings.
  • Less concerned about the dynamic of dialogue that usually separates people into two camps: charter versus non-charter.
  • More interested in programmatic offerings that benefit kids — period.


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