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Academic recovery is in progress nationwide. After three years of pandemic disruption, states have resumed testing to better assess student’s status and recovery. The latest test data from Ohio suggest that they may have turned a corner, with students beginning to show recovery. Here are some highlights:

  • Ohio was one of the first states to administer its official assessments in person in Fall 2020.
  • 2000 results showed that third-grade students at the time were substantially behind earlier cohorts.
  • 2022 reflects much smaller shortfalls for the most recent cohort of third graders, as evidenced by a shrunken gapy by nearly two-thirds from last year.
  • Overall, the results provide grounds for some optimism about the trajectory of students’ academic recovery.
  • Results also suggest that the students hit hardest by pandemic learning disruptions have also made proportionately smaller gains since then, causing many inequities to persist and considerable gaps remain.
  • Latest data provide strong evidence that—with sufficient political will, effort, and resources—pandemic learning losses can be reversed, and reversed relatively quickly.
  • They also highlight the importance of targeting our efforts on the students who remain most behind and ensuring that the various remediation programs actually reach the subgroups and populations who most need them.


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