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Located in the heart of the Navajo Nation, Arizona’s Chinle Unified School District No. 24 is in a unique position among public school systems — it’s held accountable not only to state and federal law, but to tribal law as well. With almost nonexistent connectivity in their communities and other challenges, they have seen increases to student pass rates on the Arizona state assessment. With a deep understanding of challenges facing tribal families, Quincy Natay has raised standards and achievement in Chinle Unified School District. Here’s how:

  1. Get everyone on the same page with a strategic plan
    • input from all stakeholders, including families, students, etc.
  2. Standards-based curriculum
    • early buy-in helped with the adoption and implementation
    • implement it with fidelity 
  3. Professional learning community concept
    • cross-curricular, cross-grade-level meetings
    • teachers talk about the curriculum and look at student outcomes.
  4. Develop school culture committed to student learning outcomes
    • two academic coaches in every building
    • provide ongoing job-embedded professional development
    • collaboration among teams
    • focus on accountability for learning 


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