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As we reflect on another school year, there is much to celebrate, and yet even more to work ahead of us. Reflecting on the growth and progress of an organization is no different than a school. NATP is an organization created by testing coordinators for testing coordinators, and we are so extremely proud of the impact we have seen in the last three years. NATP was launched to raise awareness of the common burdens shared by testing coordinators nationwide, inspire a network and partnerships that would streamline our assessment systems and processes, and ultimately give us a national voice and presence that would result in improved assessments, assessment systems, and a better future for all students. In short, we aimed to make things better and more efficient by serving as a genuine change agent. This was no small undertaking considering the launch coincided with extremely uncertain times due to a global pandemic. However, we resolved to continue the course, as the greatest and most important reason to get and stay connected is people.

In our short time, we have connected educators across the country in the spirit of genuine peer support. We have built a highly regarded national presence that filled a significant gap in the existing educational structure. Most importantly, we created a strong community of peers and partners at the district, state, and national levels that will continue to grow and flourish.

As we look to the future, the results of the pandemic continue to plague our education and assessment communities.  While we recognize the need for continued influence at the national level, we understand the multitude of changes and desperate needs being felt in individual states, and understand they must take precedence. We understand the emotional, time, and financial needs impacting our members, and the decisions made to support other organizations closer to home.  As we evaluate our future in these uncertain times, we find ourselves considering how best to serve moving forward without the financial means to do it justice. The NATP Board is proud of the work, progress, service, and impact it has achieved, confident in the difference we have been able to make.  It is to this end that the decision has been made to turn the organization over to its members. 

This organization has accomplished so much and forged countless connections.  It is now time for those partnerships to grow and flourish on their own.  We are most proud of the friends of education we have met and helped develop along the way. NATP has always been about building capacity in our members, the “people” we serve, so we hereby pass the torch to you!  History has been carved out by NATP, the trail has been blazed, and is ready for the champions who will continue our work.

As the Executive Director of this great community, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to lead this charge. I maintain a whole-hearted belief in the mission of NATP and believe we will achieve our goals; if not today, then soon! You are each incredible individuals and I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with you. As I transition to the next chapter, I look forward to continuing to carry out the NATP core values of empowerment, support, and partnership.  Keep an eye out for me, I will be the one calling on you to “connect, engage, and lead”. Remember we, YOU and ME, are responsible for the change we want to see! ~ Elda Garcia

What to Expect Over the Summer:

The NATP online community will remain open to our members to access resources, event recordings, corporate partners, and of course each other. The Weekly Wrap will go on hiatus for the summer, while NATP transitions to our new organizational structure. During that time, NATP will collect feedback from members to help inform the transition to our new member-driven effort. Please complete the survey below to tell us what you would like to see next from NATP and how you can help.

NATP Restructure Feedback

The survey will be available until July 16, 2023 at 5:00 pm CST

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