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CCSSO NCSA 2022 Session

The Council of Chief State Officers are conducting their annual National Conference on Student Assessment this month. NATP Executive Director, Dr. Elda Garcia, will be participating in a discussion on Reimagining Assessments alongside some of the nation’s most highly-recognized and accomplished assessment experts. The session goal is to establish a commitment, plan, and timeline that holds us personally accountable for a true reimagination of assessment as we continue to prove our incredible capabilities as an assessment community and nation.

The pandemic and social justice issues exposed pre-existing, now exacerbated inequities about the effectiveness of our current assessments and assessment systems. Our diverse panelists will reflect on the pandemic’s social, emotional, and academic impact, for especially those historically marginalized. We will engage in a candid conversation about reimagining assessment and propose to redefine the purpose for assessment with a common vision. We will call for a comprehensive assessment system based on input from all major stakeholders. Moving beyond administering assessments and compliance, panelists will drive the discussion towards increasing the value of assessments. Panelists are dedicated to understanding and addressing our greatest assessment challenges. Short- and long-term collaborations will focus on partnerships, capacity building, and supporting good local practices of comprehensive and holistic assessment systems that advance learning for all students. With a commitment and plan we can genuinely reimagine our assessments and the systems in which they reside.

We welcome interested stakeholders to submit participation requests and get involved!

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