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A new report shows the majority of English learners in Los Angeles Unified district schools failed to meet state math and reading standards in the latest round of assessments. This has prompted parents to call for better communication. There are lessons to be learned here as we prepare our test results  dissemination and communication plans. Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in the district of 86,000 English learners, the highest number in the country:

English learner state performance 2018-2019

  • English Language – 11.5% met or exceeded standards compared to 50.43% of all students.
  • Math – 12.4% met or exceeded standards compared to 39% of all students.
  • English learners in the district are not performing at the level they should be.
  • Alarmed caregivers of English learner students want more communication and resources from their children’s schools.

The data

  • Nearly half of all LAUSD students this year have been classified as English Learners at some point in their schooling.
  • More than half of LAUSD schools were performing “low” or “very low”.

Family poll results

  1. English Learner Families Find Feedback on Students’ English Language Progress More Helpful than a Report Card
  2. English Learner Families Want Personalized Communication From Schools prefer phone call, while English speakers preferred email or text)
  3. English Learner Families Want Schools to Function Like Communities


  • Newly-appointed LAUSD superintendent Alberto Carvalho targeted the need to engage vulnerable students such as English learners in his 100 day plan with a parent academy and a new attendance strategy.
  • LAUSD is currently providing resources for English learners such as tutoring, counseling, small group work and personalized family meetings to discuss students’ progress on learning English.


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