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A new report highlights the obstacles that Black and Hispanic children in Indianapolis face to quality education, such as access to a high-performing school, and disproportionate discipline in the classroom. See article highlights below:

Evidence of Inequity

  • Black and Hispanic children in Marion County face a “chronic lack of access” to high-quality education throughout their educational career.
  • A new report highlights that Black and Hispanic children lack access to quality education, such as high-performing school and disproportionate discipline in the classroom.
  • It includes recommendations for addressing the inequities, like automatically enrolling all qualifying students in advanced classes.
  • The report was provided in response to anti-racism demonstrations last year when all 11 Marion County school districts promised to “ensure all students are provided with the conditions necessary to succeed.”
  • The report recommends that the state develop a better data system for tracking early learning.
  • The inequities start in early childhood education and persist
  • High-performing schools are clustered in majority-white neighborhoods and made worse during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • The report recommends:
    • replicating high-quality schools in neighborhoods without them
    • deploying federal emergency funds to provide tutoring
    • extended learning time
    • more teachers to students whose academic performance suffered during COVID-19
    • ensuring that schools and districts are reporting discipline records to their boards
    • making filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) a graduation requirement

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