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In a new world that prioritizes stakeholder feedback, many states are valuing teachers’ insights by including educators in the policymaking processes. Some are overcoming the historical tendency to leave teachers out of decision-making processes by specifically including them as members of education policy task forces and commissions. See how some states are ensuring teacher voice is included in state policy decisions:

  • Colorado – Workgroup on Diversity in the Educator Workforce: charged with investigating barriers to the preparation, retention, and recruitment of a diverse educator workforce and to consider strategies to increase diversity in the educator workforce.
  • North Carolina – DRIVE Task Force: advises the office of the governor on strategies to address matters of equity and inclusion in education.
  • Georgia House Study Committee of Literacy Instruction: includes a classroom teacher who specializes in reading and literacy. 
  • New Mexico –  H.M. 43: requires teachers to be members of a task force that will develop a plan for student mental health and wellness.
  • Oklahoma – Out-of-Schooltime Task Force: charged with identifying, evaluating and recommending a set of best practices to improve and increase the number of quality, affordable out-of-school programs in the state.
  • Texas – Commission on Virtual Education: developing and making recommendations regarding the delivery of virtual education in the public school system.


  • States are recognizing the significance of educator voices and including educators in statewide task forces and commissions.
  • Including teacher members in the policymaking process is a start.
  • Honor their work by elevating teacher voices and viewpoints in education policy decision making.


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