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The U.S. Department of Education has launched the National Parents and Families Engagement Council (The Council) to help carve out the nation’s best path to students’ pandemic recovery. The Council consists of parent, family/caregiver, and national organization representatives and will facilitate strong and effective relationships between schools and families. The diverse group will work with the department to identify ways to help families engage at the local level. Highlights below for this national innovation:

  • Organization will reflect the diversity of the education system, including, but not limited to, families of students in public schools, charters, private schools and homeschool.
  • The Council will be a channel for parents and families to constructively participate in their children’s education by helping them:
    • understand their rights
    • create a feedback loop with schools to shape how funding is deployed to meet students’ needs
    • identify summer learning and enrichment opportunities for children in their communities.
  • Parents provide critical perspective, and they should always have a seat at the table whenever decisions are made that impact their children.
  • This Council provides the opportunity to bring diverse parent voices together to inform the Department’s policies and programs, while serving as a vehicle for engaging families across the country in issues of educational equity.

List of members, quotes, and next steps HERE

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