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In-person learning has resumed in most places, with the hope of some sense of normalcy. COVID, however, continues to challenge those efforts. With COVID cases surging and an increase among younger victims, many school systems have adjusted remote learning policies to ensure continued learning. Schools and districts across the nation are closely monitoring the health, safety, and educational needs of their communities and students, while considering potential adjustments.

See highlights below of recent actions taken in some states:

  • 90,000 students in 19 states have had to quarantine so far this school year.
  • new remote learning policies are underway for quarantined students due to COVID-19 cases and close contacts with those infected.
  • learning expectations for students in quarantine include take-home assignments or asynchronous assignments accessible on a remote learning platform.
  • some pledge to provide live, synchronous lessons.

Key Takeaways

  • School systems’ protocols for learning during COVID-19 student quarantines across the country vary greatly.
    • Vermont’s Champlain Valley Public Schools is offering instruction if entire classes need to be quarantined but not to individually quarantined students.
    • Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida will provide simultaneous instruction for quarantined students so they can learn alongside their on-campus peers.
    • Atlanta Public Schools in Georgia will provide afterschool tutors to quarantined students. The school system also plans to provide virtual instruction if whole classes or schools are quarantined or there is an outbreak.
  • School systems also have disparate approaches to more permanent remote learning options, ranging from some not offering any options to some setting caps on the number of students who can enroll. 

Full article including data from the Center on Reinventing Public Education can be found HERE

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Updated: September 13, 2021

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