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Today marks the fifth straight day most Chicago Public School students have been out of class and without instruction. This speaks to the complexity of local administrative decisions that impact our schools and testing programs. Teachers unions, like the one in Chicago, often become extremely active in support and against certain issues, in this case the pandemic and related safety concerns. The assessment community is no stranger to these situations as many teachers unions often speak out regarding testing and accountability issues as well. Either way, it is imperative that our testing professionals keep current on stakeholder issues, positions, and their district’s decisions and responses. This will ensure we prepare for testing accordingly.

Update from Chicago:

  • Chicago Public Schools (CPS) serve about 300,000 students.
  • CPS plans to reopen tomorrow after reaching deal with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).
    • CTU said it is suspending its remote work action.
    • District remains committed to the safety of teachers, staff and students.

Agreement highlights

  • Expand testing of students, but not the opt-out testing program proposed by the CTU.
  • CPS did agree to a set of metrics that would trigger a move to remote learning for individual schools, but not a district-wide metric as the union had wanted.
  • Expanded personal protective equipment and efforts to increase testing consents for students.
  • New incentives to increase the number of substitutes in the district.
  • The agreement proposed extends through the end of summer school, Lightfoot said.

Main sticking points

  • Parents on both sides of the issue, some remain worried about safety.
  • CTU wants opt in to testing – mayor is against
  • CTU wants remote testing this week – mayor is against

Full details of the deal will be released after the agreement is ratified by the full CTU membership.

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  • Plainfield, Chicago, school district cancels class Monday due to ‘spiking number of bus drivers with COVID (no remote learning option).

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