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A recent civil rights complaint claimed that California’s independent study framework prevents thousands of disabled students from receiving the special in-person learning services they need. There is a great deal of discussion and movement towards alternative learning settings due to the lingering pandemic. Much like alternative assessments such as interim assessments, independent study learning will need to ensure the needs of students with special needs or disabilities are met. See report highlights below:

Class-action complaint alleges that:

  • Students at high risk of COVID cannot attend in-person school for safety reasons
  • Legally schools are required to provide a “free appropriate public education” to all students, regardless of their abilities.
  • For students with disabilities that often means extra services, such as one-on-one in class support or tutoring in small groups.
  • Some kids are not getting any education, while others are not receiving the supports or accommodations they need, as schools are reopening.
  • Some students who enrolled in independent study were asked to waive their right to extra services.

Call to Action

  • The state to play a stronger role in enforcing special education laws, ensuring that students with disabilities get services they’re entitled.
  • A robust independent study program available to students with disabilities.

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