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The call for assessment innovation is running deep. A recent article by Assessment HQ points out some fairly significant shortcomings when it comes to efforts to innovate assessments. See highlights below for some historical and current opportunities and failures to lead this effort:

  • Glaring lack of leadership from state and national education officials when it comes to the standardized testing debate.
  • For a decade, states have sought collaborate on high-quality, standards-aligned assessments that would do a better job of demonstrating what students know and can do, yet the state asssessment landscape remains fragmented.
  • Although there may be many contributing factors, the absence of state and national leadership is most significant, especially after two years of Covid-disrupted learning.
  • Calls for leadership are aimed at U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and his team at the Department of Education.
  • The DOE has yet to finalize decisions and take actions related to better assessment systems, equity, accountability, and school choice.
  • Cardona has taken on a mighty challenge but he still has an opportunity to lead from the top with guidance and support for state leaders who are looking to him and his team for direction.


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