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5 of the week’s top developments for how states and policymakers are implementing (and innovating under) the Every Student Succeeds Act amid the ongoing pandemic:

  • Colorado’s Accountability Pause Gets Go-Ahead from Biden Administration
    • will not have to identify low-performing schools this school year to intervene
    • won’t be held to the expectation that 95% of students take a statewide summative test.
    • state will still be required to report out information related to student absenteeism and internet and technology access.
  • Virginia Superintendent Says 2021 Tests Are Focused on Student Recovery — Not Accountability
    • state’s focus for spring testing this school year is to collect data on students’ academic needs in order to address pandemic disruption as schools reopen.
    • test scores this year would not be used for typical accountability measures like school and teacher evaluations.
  • Federal Government Drawing a Fine Line on Testing This Spring
    • a disconnect has emerged between the federal government requiring states to offer their tests, and districts’ power to exempt students from taking them
    • California districts are poised to use local testing data in place of data from statewide, summative tests.
    • Oregon and Washington districts continue to push back on the expectation to administer tests, allowing opt-outs from spring exams.
  • Dallas Schools’ New Discipline Policy Would Eliminate Many Student Suspension to Address Racial Disparities
    • could be among the most progressive pushes for addressing racial disparities in schools.
    • plan would eliminate suspensions for “low-level infractions” and would connect students with in-person and virtual resources aimed at supporting behavioral and mental health needs.
  • New Bill Would Grant Civics Day to Delaware Students, Encourage Community Engagement
    • would give students one day a year to engage in civic activities, ranging from protests, to legislative sessions, to speaking on behalf of causes they support.
    • if passed, bill would represent a first of its kind in the nation.

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