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State and national data are rolling in and indicating that American students are slowly starting to regain academic ground lost during the pandemic. The bleeding appears to have stopped and here are some key takeaways about how our students are faring:

1. Schools and students have begun digging out of the learning loss hole — but they still have a long way to go.

2. Older students may be recovering more slowly.

3. Gaps by race and poverty level are still worse than before the pandemic.

4. Learning loss recovery efforts may be paying off, though it’s impossible to say what exactly is working.

5. There are likely lingering effects of remote schooling.

6. These test scores probably do matter.

7. The data we have is imperfect, though we’ll get better information soon.

Testing professsionals will need to cautiously analyze data as they work to inform staff on upcoming instructional plans and efforts.


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