A network of Testing Coordinators

NATP helps states create assessment networks to connect district and campus testing professionals with each other as well as with key partners.  These key partners include Departments of Education (DOE) and their State Testing Directors.  This means, you can look forward to being empowered, as you support one another with updates, shared resources, and materials.  

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  • Conduit of information to the DOE.
  • Direct feedback from the frontline.
  • Time-saving efforts related to test coordination.
  • Collaboration at the local, regional, and state levels.
  • Improved communication, meaningful collaboration, and streamlined efforts.
  • Influence federal policies towards fair and sensible assessment policies.
  • Improve educational systems across the nation!
  • Share experiences with testing systems, rules, and changes.
  • Collective support with updates, shared ideas and resources.
  • Simplify assessment efforts with peer networking.
  • Comprehensive national assessment network support.
  • Partnership with State Education Agencies and assessment vendors.
  • State and nationally shared ideas, resources, professional development.
  • Access to people, products, services, and best practices.
  • Networking opportunities that improve connections and communication efforts.
  • Peer collaboration on state-specific tasks and challenges.
  • Participation in and access to a peer network.
  • Meaningful discussions about program implementation and related challenges.
  • National professional development opportunities.
  • NATP benefits and support will grow with its members.
  • There is much we can learn and benefit from each other.  Let’s get you connected!
  • Assessment networks connecting district and campus testing professionals with each other and key partners.
  • Participation in year-round collaborative discussions and exchanges with State Education Agencies (SEAs).
  • Opportunities to relay real-time feedback to SEAs on the many systems, rules, and changes.
  • Help aligned practices and improved overall state assessment program effectiveness.
  • Inform decision making toward fair and sensible assessment policies that benefit all states.
  • Bridge gaps between key assessment partners: districts, states, and vendors to free the way for connection, communication, and collaboration.
  • Establish partnerships that support the efforts of all stakeholders.

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    Dr. Elda Garcia
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