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Along the lines of remote learning, home school, and charter schools, “micro-schools” are also gaining steam. Here is what you should know about the new learning format.

  • Micro-schools are serving thousands of students in Arizona and beyond.
  • These new models are said to be the best combination of Montessori, online, traditional, and homeschool.
  • Jennings taught in a public school setting before making the switch to teaching in her home.

Origin of Micro-schools

  • The model was founded by Kelly Smith for his own child pre-pandemic, but was gained popularity as another educational option during the pandemic.
  • Smith then created Prenda in 2018 to share the benefits with others.
  • Prenda helps organize and provide materials for micro-schools, which are in person schools with five to 10 students who are taught at the learning guide’s home.
  • The organization offers K-8 education and their learning model is designed to empower students to become lifelong learners.
  • Students are enrolled as remote learners, and they will learn everything a student at a traditional school will: science, math, reading and social studies, just in a different format. The education, for students, is also free.

Micro-school is different from homeschool

  • It may seem like micro-school is homeschool, but it is much different.
  • Prenda addresses students’ social and academic needs with a structured program and resources.
  • It is a program focused on academic standards with the tests to confirm children are learning what they need to learn.
  • Safety is top-of-mind at the micro-schools.
    • rigorous adult background check and verification
    • safe physical location: pool, fences, and smoke alarms (same as a pre-school or daycare in a home)
    • internet safety: use computers to personalize the education and provides an internet router to every micro-school that filters content to protect students


  • Micro-schools started as a not-so-traditional way to learn that has become the norm for thousands of students in Arizona.
  • There are also dozens of Prenda micro-schools in other parts of the country.
  • The model may not be for everyone, but for some students, it is a perfect match.

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