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The College Board conducted one of the nation’s largest online test administration, during a pandemic year. They managed to administer 1.8 million AP exams all online. This could set the precedent for future online testing opportunities.

Highlights and Lessons Learned

  • The College Board developed one of the largest online assessments ever delivered in the United States: 
  • Students took about 1.8 million AP exams digitally out of about 4.8 million overall.
  • The College Board had to:
    • be flexible in delivering exams and delivering content
    • develop new remote learning tools
    • create a suite of new remote learning tools that could accommodate the shifting mix of remote, hybrid and in-person classes
    • learn how valuable online resources can be for students and teachers.
  • The digital pandemic response by states, school districts, internet service providers allowed College Board to make substantial progress in narrowing the digital divide.
  • Vastly federal funding will help subsidize broadband access and device purchases.
  • We need to think about how to build on the progress of the last year and make full use of technology to enhance learning.
  • Students who take and complete an AP class and exam are better positioned to succeed in future classes and in college.
  • Early exposure to college-level material and early encouragement to plan for college are vital in raising students’ expectations and building their confidence. Especially for low-income and first-generation students.

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