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NATP is happy to share as many resources as possible with its members. This includes connecting you with the information, resources, and people that matter most. As such, please see announcement below for an upcoming webinar on State Accountability that is well worth watching. The session will bring important history, current impacts, and the future of accountability that will affect us all.

On September 28th at 7pm Eastern/6pm CST, NNSTOY is hosting a webinar: State Education Accountability Systems: Pandemic Realities and Possibilities

The panel members are:

  • Bob Williams, 2009 Alaska Teacher of the Year and NNSTOY President and Acting CEO
  • Brian Gong, Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment
  • Chris Domaleski, Associate Director of the Center for Assessment
  • Sheena Graham, 2019 Connecticut Teacher of the Year

NATP Sponsor, Curriculum Associates is the session sponsor.

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