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The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed our approach to education and continues to do so. With it, changes to the assessment landscape soon followed. From unprecedented state test cancellations, accountability waivers, and most recently discussions about taking this opportunity to improve our systems, we have heard it all. It is imperative for testing coordinators nationwide to stay informed in order to prepare for future considerations and change that will likely affect us all.

Below are 6 big changes that are already taking place in standardized tests, including less focus on grading students and more on learning.

Here are six ways standardized tests are evolving.

  1. Less common in admissions – including the “opt-out movement”
  2. Taken at home on different devices – raising test validity and security concerns
  3. Integrated with other education software – meeting the needs of special populations
  4. Recognize cultural diversity of students – addressing test equity and fairness
  5. More personalized – increasing student interest and engagement
  6. Emphasize learning over competition – shifting focus to more frequent and shorter testing to inform instruction, less on accountability

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