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All states received waivers for assessment and accountability in 2020 due to widespread school closures due to COVID-19. As Spring 2021 summative testing comes to an end, states have submitted final waivers for assessment, accountability and related areas.

All but 5 (91%) of the nation’s states have submitted assessment/accountability waivers to the USDE for consideration as of As of July 27, 2021.

Monitor the status of state waiver requests below. Click on the individual state of interest:

State Waiver Requests – 2021

The following states have NOT submitted requests for assessment/accountability related waivers for 2020-2021:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Iowa
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Tennessee
  5. Wyoming

Source: USDE Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

** Updated July 27, 2021

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