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Linda Darling-Hammond is a Stanford University Professor, president and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute, and has been a close advisor to President Biden and led his education transition team. She shares her experience and insights in a recent interview. Highlights below:

  • We need to create opportunities to communicate with each other
  • Activating policies needed to result in equitable educational experiences
  • Students will need to learn to be flexible, adaptable, and collaborative for the common good.
  • US has historically had a very unequal education system.
  • Greater segregation and inequity since 1980’s.
  • Need to deal with all of the level of inequalities to correct the problem.
  • We need performance based assessments that demonstrate what kids know and can do with that learning.
  • Assessments should tell where they are to allow interventions.
  • Flexibility for teachers to innovate to meet students’ needs.

Distinctions between states and schools

  • US knows how to and has been innovative.
  • We have so much inequality in our system, not designed in a coherent way in most states.
  • We need to be built on an equity presumption and access to resources and strong professional knowledge to implement good ideas for all kids.
  • We need a holistic reform such as that implemented by: Massachusetts (early 90s), North Carolina (90s), Maryland, New Jersey (more recently), and more.
  • We are off to a very good start towards a more integrated approach to “Build Back Better”.
  • We are in a moment of hope!

Watch full interview here:

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