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  • Unimaginable resources will soon be made available to states, districts, and schools nationwide. Everyone will be preparing proposals for purchasing products and services that will meet their needs and improve their efforts. Testing will be no exceptions, so get your data ready!
  • Read the highlights below and plan to tell your story to get what you need to run an successful assessment program.
  • K-12 Dive discusses the use of school data to tell a story that gains buy-in.
  • Arranging school-based data into a meaningful, understandable format can help district leaders use that information to tell their schools’ stories, secure stakeholder buy-in and implement effective strategies. 
  • Stakeholders are more likely to accept data when they understand it.
  • Data is just statistics until it is formed into something to which teachers, parents and other stakeholders can relate.
  • Consider your audience and gear information to them.
  • Storytelling goals should include details that convey the message and data to explain it.
  • Recommendation: incorporate four types of information into school data analyses that illustrate the school’s “story” and highlights need for changes:
    • Student demographics.
    • Student learning data, such as standardized test results. 
    • Attitudes and beliefs of people in the school.
    • School processes.

Read complete K-12 Dive article here:

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