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Testing professionals and educators across the nation are diving into the assessment topic. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to review and rethink our current assessments and their use. This is our opportunity to fix known problems and revamp the system to what experts say is a better way. Here are some examples of how assessments are changing:

  • taking distance and hybrid learning into account
  • digital tools including Google’s HyperDoc
  • rethinking assessments and expanding student choice 
  • new testing options
  • flexible learning environments to accommodate the needs of all students
  • format options
  • oral versus written presentations
  • revisiting rubrics

Assessment literacy and trend updates will be key for testing professionals to serve as a resource for our teachers, schools, districts, and states. This means, learning more about assessments, the assessment process, and change considerations in order to help maximize the benefits of results.

Read more here about how school assessments are changing.

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