Texas cancels first day of testing due to technical difficulties

The Texas Tribune released news about Texas’ rough start to Spring testing. See highlights below:

  • Texas mandated in person State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness testing that started today.
  • Texas Education Agency (TEA) advised school districts to suspend the first day of STAAR online testing because of technical issues across the state.
  • TEA message: “If your students have been able to access the test, they should continue testing. If your students have not been able to access the test, they should be dismissed from testing until the issue has been resolved” .
  • The issues affected districts administering the tests online and ranged from slow response times to students being unable to log into the test.
  • Writing tests for fourth and seventh graders were disrupted, as were English I tests for high schoolers, according to the TEA. Online testing will resume Wednesday.
  • For districts that also planned on administering paper tests, students taking those versions have been able to go forward with testing.
  • Educational Testing Service, one of the companies the state contracts to develop and administer the test, is investigating the issue, according to the TEA message. “We are working to ensure that our students do not experience future testing issues.”
  • While the test is required this year, there is no penalty for elementary and middle school student who don’t show up or who fail the STAAR test this year. Texas officials have said the test would not affect students’ ability to move up to the next grade.
  • But high school students must pass five subject-specific courses by the time they graduate, a requirement that will not be waived this year.
  • Online STAAR testing faced technical issues in 2016 and 2018, after which Texas forged ahead with it’s plan to transition tests fully online by the 2022-23 academic year.

Read complete Texas Tribune article here: https://buff.ly/3rVUfV8

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