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NATP has duly noted improved teacher confidence and skill due to the COVID-19 nationwide pandemic response. This was reinforced by testing coordinators from multiple states during a recent Colleague Chat. NATP is hopeful that testing professionals from national, state, and local levels will continue best practices from lessons learned from the pandemic and apply them toward improved practices and a welcomed perception of online assessments.

The article highlights below dive into this topic further:

  • The pandemic hit quickly, giving educators very little time to adjust to virtual instruction.
  • A year later, educators nationwide having become more technically savvy than even they thought possible.
  • Many have become skilled in: Google classroom, use Google forms, Google slides, and Google documents, developing interactive lessons using Nearpod, bitmoji, digital libraries, Quizlet, iCivics, Kahoot, and EdPuzzle, etc.
  • Teaching has transformed for the better in just one year and educators expect it will not return to the way it was.
  • Most teachers said their ability to use technology had improved during the 2020-21 school year, according to a survey of 386 teachers by the EdWeek Research Center in March.
  • Even veteran teachers are gaining new skills.
  • Educators’ attitudes about technology have brightened and most say they expect to integrate devices more deeply into their lessons going forward.
  • The increase in vast technology competency is the silver lining of the pandemic.
  • There may still be a long way to go. One of the three biggest technology-related challenges encountered was that educators struggle with how to use digital tools to teach effectively.
  • “We can only move forward.” But just what “moving forward” will look like across the country is an open question.
  • Some educators still doubt heavy digital emphasis fits with their approach to teaching. Some find differentiating instruction tough to do digitally, especially when students are virtual (can’t read their social cues).
  • Educators are hoping online tools translate to classrooms in ways that best fit, beyond only option.
  • It’s been a year of tremendous growth for educators from a technology standpoint.
  • “Those tools will be used more purposefully, more deliberately, and less desperately,” he said. “When things are less hectic, less frenzied, we will be able to put a little bit of the grace back into the daily lesson.”

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