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Ensuring policies are well received and gathering valuable feedback that informs real change

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The focus of what we do

The NATP fosters partnerships with district assessment professionals, state education agencies, and corporate partners as they work towards the common goal of meeting the state assessment needs of all students.


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The NATP vision is to have established state assessment networks in all 50 states. Collectively, empowered national affiliates will serve to inform federal policies that will potentially result in fair and sensible assessment policies for all states and improved educational systems across the nation.

Once established, networks work to support members at every opportunity. Establishing district networks for immediate and local benefit is of priority, but by no means where it ends.

Partnership is key for the NATP. Opportunities for networking connections for members, Education Agencies, and corporate partners are an essential component of the NATP model.

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Our focus is on making the lives of people easier

At the end of the day we don’t consider ourselves successful unless we have improved people’s lives. Our commitment to them is what drives us to bring about real change and create the resources and support necessary to accomplish that.

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